My name is Gerald Peterson. I was born in Aruba. After my secondary education I got my masters degree in Business Economics at the University of Groningen in Holland. I am married and have two daughters. During my student years I started with analog photography. In 2003/2004 my curiosity for digital photography was triggered by an article in the Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant”, which I was reading in a KLM jumbo jet high above the Atlantic Ocean, stating that Canon had broken the € 1.000 price barrier with the EOS 300D. In 2005 I decided to follow a formal digital photography education with the intention of becoming a photographer / photography teacher next to my profession as a marketing lecturer. After I got my degree in 2009 I started teaching photography to communication students at Windesheim University. I also give photography lessons to my colleague’s. I enjoy giving these photography lessons. 

To enlarge my knowledge and skills I followed  the “Leergang Fotoreflectie”.  The “Leergang Fotoreflectie” teaches you how to function as a bridge between the viewers of a photograph and the intentions of the photographer. GESTALT (how our brain sees images), SEMIOTICS  (language of signs in an image) and RETORICA (how to convince with images) play an important part in the bridge function. On a regular basis I follow workshops / courses to keep abreast with new developments.


In February 2016 I finished the course Broadcast Journalism - Video Producer at the Hogeschool Utrecht. I made a video: From woodcut to iPad art. In the video my wife shows how powerful the iPad Pro is in making art. You can watch the video under the heading Video. I do a lot of work  together with my wife. She followed a formal training to become an artist at the Klassieke Academie in Groningen. Specialized in making woodcuts. Photography also played an important role during her formal training. In March 2018 we followed in London a workshop "Visual poetry" led by Canadian photographer Olaf Sztaba. I have a broad interest in many photography fields.


Less is more, is an important starting point in my photographic images.


Lately I have been using my iPhone for street photography. The iPhone is not intimidating. People do not notice, or mind, you taking pictures.


I also give lectures and workshops on Visual Language and Streetphotography. If you are interested in a lecture or workshop you can contact me via the contact information button.